So far as the health status and situation of odisha concerned over many years and irrespective of so many intervention and schemes by the Government and Department of Health and NGO the mortality rate in Orissa is high. The root cause of poor health is poverty, social deprivation, lower levels of literacy, inefficient health systems and lack of infrastructure for health care and disease control. socio cultural inequalities and barriers, insufficient assertion anddemand for health care, inadequate geography spread of service outlets and poor qualityhealth care reduce access to effectiveness of public services. Women, children and tribalcum backward communities of 12 villages covering 18,972 population of Paschimabadand Baiganbadia Gram Panchayat of Jaleswar block suffer from poor health.

ARM hasbeen managing the Primary Health Centre at Paschimbad for last 15 years under PPPmode with active support of local public, RogiKalyanSamiti as well as financial support from NRHM, Govt. of Odisha. The goal of NRHM is thus to improve the availability of and access to qualityHealth care by people especially for those residing in rural area, the poor women andchildren being the priority.